The DSI Probe Information Page
What is Terratrip's DSI probe? Well, DSI stands for Dual Sensor Interface and is a the probe that terratrip manufactures to interface with digital speedometers, such as Subaru's WRX. This probe also has the ability to drive two Terratrip Rally Computers.

So, you're probably wondering what the DSI probe looks like. Well, here's a picture. Click on the image to get a more detailed picture.

As you can see, I've numbered the Pins and labelled the adjustment screw in the picture. Here are the pin descriptions in relation to using this as a standard speedo/odo probe:

1To Positive (+) Pole on Battery
3Output Pin. Goes to Pin 2 of T202/T303/T404
4Output Pin, divide by 4. Same functions as pin 3
5Pulse Wire of Car's Sensor
7To Negative (-) Pole on Battery
Adjust ScrewAdjust Probe sensitivity

If you are viewing this page for information on using this probe with the WRX, note that I have installation notes on this probe in relation to the 2002 Subaru WRX. This has detailed notes and information on installing this probe.